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About 10 years ago Qatar, then the leading exporter of natural gas, designed and ordered a new class of LNG carriers. There are currently 16 Q-Flex ships in service – their figures are about 107,000 dead weight tons (DWT); 137,000 gross tons; 315 meters long; 50 meters wide; 12.5 meter draft; and with a capacity of 210,000 to 216,000 cubic meters (7.6 million cubic feet). These ships were about 50% larger than previous typesal_gattara

At the same time the Q-max class of ships were designed and delivered. There are 14 ships currently active and their figures are 129,000 dead-weight tons (DWT); 133,000 gross tons; 345 meters long; 53 meters wide; 12 meter draft; 266,000 cubic meters (9.4 million cubic feet) capacity.