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Given the prevalence of foot pain and the number of toe, foot, ankle and knee injuries, it seemed like a good idea to review floor coverings. We are NOT expecting blood to be spilled are buckets of perspiration to be sweated out, but there is a fair chance that if someone has a major seizure there will be some vomiting. Accordingly, it would be preferable to have a floor that can be readily cleaned (especially so we can clean the floor before each class and eliminate a variance) or replaced in a modular manner. Bare concrete has hygiene problems and is brutal on feet and knees (and tough on shoes) so it is out of consideration. For whatever ‘real’  wood actually means these days one could choose between a relatively softwood like pine or a firmer wood like oak. As with synthetic woods like Pergo, one advantage is the lines formed by the edges of the planks can be useful for students trying to line up and to stay aligned. There are issues with acoustic brightness: for example, 20 small cymbals on Heavenly General Nine Point Rakes make an amazing amount of racket.

Among others, Sifu David Chang of San Jose California uses a large carpet. An alternative would be artificial grass – something like AstroTurf. The Chief Cinematographer has expressed some concerns about the rather vivid green usually encountered. Another possibility would be carpet tiles which are modular and have some of the linear aspects of planking. There is quite a diversity of opinions about linoleum.