“YouTube has changed their monetization policy and as a result we won’t be able to continue to stream full length videos until we meet the new requirements, which demand that a partner must have over 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. We have the sufficient subscribers, but our watch time is below the threshold. We just started this year to upload the series for low cost streaming and haven’t even finished the complete upload of the series. Unfortunately, this means we’ll have to take down the complete instructional videos offered, when the monetization is removed. When we meet YouTube thresholds of watch time, we will be able to post the series again and resume streaming.

As a reward for being a channel subscriber to the China’s Living Treasures series and in attempt to increase our total watch time, we are offering the complete 120 min. award winning documentary, Volume One – Kung Fu Diplomacy for free viewing. In August of 1985, a representative group of American martial artists were invited to the Peoples Republic of China by the Beijing Wu Shu Team, the most prestigious wushu team in the world. In an effort to promote cultural exchange through the martial arts, under the leadership of team captain, Professor Wally Jay and co-captain Al Dacascos, they traveled to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and the Shaolin temple in Henan Province, the original birth place of the martial arts, as emissaries of cultural exchange performing their skills for their hosts and observing demonstrations by the greatest masters living in China. Please feel to forward the link to your subscribers, friends and share on social media, if you think they would be interested. The URL to view the documentary is:

Thank you for your support and enjoy the film.

Addtionally, if you have any friends that are curious about taijiquan, the following URL has a free short ten video series on the first section of the Yang taijiquan 108 movement long suitable for beginners or seniors:

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