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Garments these days can be made smart by attaching sensors the size of shirt buttons. Using such garments we can more or less measure the amount of energy each student exerts doing the movements of a set. There are some challenges with medical problems like seizures but despite that and most students not being able to speak, with enough sensors we can  discover how much pain a student is feeling. We were alarmed to find that it takes a great deal more energy to do the kwan dao set than the spear set. A great deal of that has to do with the length, weight and balance of the kwan dao. Worse, many of the students are very attracted to the heaviest versions of the kwan dao. That meant pain ahead for them.
However, when we executed a statistical technique called cluster analysis it indicated that teaching a class of weapons called forks after spear and before kwan dao was a good idea at least for our students. Both Wing Lam Enterprises and Kung Fu Direct have several types of forks in stock. Alas, no one (so far) has ever heard of a commercially recording of a fork set in any martial art or style.
A link to our website’s fork pages http://silverwolfwushu.com/WeaponsForks.html