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After a brisk one mile hike in a suit jacket and tie I took a 6:36 AM BART train southwest. I changed trains at MacAthur at 7:10 and arrived at Fremont BART about 8:00 AM just in time for a VAT 180 bus. The bus arrived at the Great Mall in Milpitas around 8:30. For fans of history, the Great Mall used to be a Ford Motor Company assembly plant, and after conversion to retail shopping spaces it was the largest mall in California for some years. I am not altogether sure what will happen to the mall when the Milpitas BART station opens in November 2018. I rode an Alum Rock light rail to the Tasman station and transferred to a Mountain View light rail. That trolley dropped me off near the 49ers stadium and also, more importantly, across the street from my destination, the Santa Clara convention center (shown below).  I was attending the third annual Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs’ Festival (www.svef.biz).


I was especially interested in an afternoon track discussing next generation genetic sequencing. The state of that art is one sequences a person’s DNA as well as the DNA of a tumor and then uses a neo-antigen to target that tumor. The idea is to be less destructive of normal cells than chemotherapy and radiation. A second objective is to discover biomarkers that indicate tumor formation as soon as possible.