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from The Journal of Molecular Autism


There are two problems: (1) the two genes – NLGN3 and NLGN4X – specifically identified with two versions of X-linked Asperger’s syndrome are also identified with the so-called x-linked autism. (2) Dr. Asperger served in the Wehrmacht in Croatia toward the end of WWII. I find that, after having rather tediously read through a large amount of his writings in both English and German during the period 1938 to 1943, there is no (zero) evidence that he opposed Germanic policies of eugenics and euthanasia, especially of handicapped children. In fact, while he was not (in print) a rabid Nazi, his publications and actions of the period were vetted favorably.  Working with T4, Spiegelgrund and Erwin Jekelius to kill thousands of disabled children ought to disqualify anyone from recognition. So we are removing Asperger’s as a category, stripping its syndromes and moving the genes to autism categories. It is pretty easy being brave from 6000 miles and 80 years away.