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courtesy a Bruce Springsteen song (“Two Hearts”)

and before that a song with that title by Jerome Kern and Johnny Mercer sung by Frank Sinatra. It had a chorus of

“Birds of a feather can never be shown that livin’ alone is fun
When two hearts are better than one?”
A reader e-asked if we had any students who were couples. Not that I know of, but it is not a question we’d ask. There are some sets from other martial arts that require two people (or even three). I am skeptical that I’ll ever teach something like Double Butterfly Swords versus Staff from Hung Gar or Kwan Dao, Broadsword or Three-Section Staff versus Spear from Shaolin.
BUT we have had parents report three things: (1) one family was puzzled that their son never had a meltdown in class, so when their autistic child seemed headed for a meltdown they did a tai chi set (18 movements) with him. So far, so good. (2) with the tai chi tool called the ruler one thing the teacher normally does is adjust the speed or circle size as the student uses the ruler – so another family has their child do ruler exercises while someone lightly touches the center of the ruler (3) there’s another tool call a chi du (long ruler or long bang) that is really intended for two people. All have the same objectives – relax the abdominal muscles, deepen the breathing, slow the heart a little …