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After the Ba Bao Zhou breakfast brush teeth.

Then our normal daily protocol as if one were in class:

  1. formal bow
  2. formal salute
  3. WuJi style sitting meditation – a few minutes
  4. WuJi style standing meditation – a few minutes
  5. Chen family style traditional warm-up exercises
  6. 18 movements form (after Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei) – the objective is to be able to do this form twice. After that, the next stage is Lao Jia
  7. water break if desired: warmish water in the winter; coolish water in the summer
  8. Eight Brocades Qigong
  9. Silk reeling exercises to cool down
  10. formal salute
  11. formal bow
  12. record any pain using our HERON software
  13. Shaobing snack
  14. brush teeth again