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So I go over to Loaves and Fishes which is being hosted at the Community Baptist Church on 62 Bella Vista Avenue in Bay Point. As I walk in the sense we describe in the martial arts business as ‘the radar’ goes on. That’s an odd reaction in a church. There was an older woman who was standing slightly right of my center-line and serving as the greeter. There was another older woman seated to my left and a solitary man about 20 feet away eating. There was also at least one person in the cooking area. Strange. One of the universal principles throughout martial arts is “the radar is right”.

I introduced myself and clarified that I did not want a meal, but rather was looking for an answer. I explained that I volunteered at the two Food Bank Community Produce distributions and at the Senior Groceries as well. Then, as I was saying we had a client at the Rio Vista Produce distribution who was dying of cancer and needed food, who should walk out from the kitchen but Sylvia (the client) herself.

One of the key principles in Tai Chi Chuan and a host of other disciplines is to be ready for anything BUT, per the great theorist Sun Tzu,  to try to choose the time and place of combat. Clearly, low marks for me.

Sylvia said, “You didn’t have to come.” Then she paused. “No, you did have to come.”

Assemblyperson (14th District) Timothy Grayson’s office in Concord called back Friday afternoon (very prompt!) and gave me a telephone number for Meals on Wheels. I have sent Meals on Wheels an email.

Stay tuned.