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In a much earlier blog entry (https://silverwolfwushu.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/from-great-britain/) in the context of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings I wrote

“It is very tempting 75-odd years later to draw a correspondence with England (=Gondor) and especially London (=Minas Tirith) going through the Battle of Britain (Churchill’s speech June 18 1940; actual combat July 10 to October 31) and the Blitz (dates depend on who is writing the history – perhaps September 7 to May 31 1941) and waiting for help from America (=Rohan). As far as I am aware, no one ever surveyed American politicians and asked if the failure to help the British had, in retrospect, any justification. Any. Any at all.”

Multiple readers recently asked if I considered American politicians opposed to President Roosevelt to be traitors, cowards or just really very unintelligent. From the correspondence of  Hans Thomsen, the charge d’affaires at the German Embassy in Washington DC, and other German diplomats it is clear that there was a large-scale German effort to influence American politics with the objective being to keep the United States out of the war by giving money to American politicians especially in 1940. The first part of my reply was that since 1938 American politicians were required to document where foreign contributions came from. This legal requirement was easily circumvented by both recipients and contributors. So technically, no treason. It is difficult to say whether or not the correspondence of Hans Thomsen was intercepted and de-crypted in 1940. This seems very unlikely as publication of this information at that time would have been electrifying. Rather, it seems that the correspondence materials were confiscated sometime after the declaration of war and not translated immediately.