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Niujiao Guai [Niújiǎo Guǎi]
The Ox-Horn Crutch is a traditional weapon used mostly in northern China. It is part of the Guai (Crutch) family of weapons. I mentioned this in the context of a previous post about the Bodhidharma Cane and the Shaolin Cane. This family of weapons has designs that are based on or resemble the traditional Chinese crutch. The Ox-Horn crutch as made by Grandmaster Wing Lam (sold out, alas) is heavy and focuses almost exclusively on “twirling” strikes. His website says Ox Horn Double Crutches Chinese Tonfa

“The Kung Fu Ox Horn Double Crutches are custom made by Sifu Wing Lam. These are a very rare Chinese Kung Fu weapon. Similar to the tonfa but much longer and thicker. The Kung Fu Ox Horn Double Crutches are made from Palope Wood a very dense wood. Each crutch body is 25.75″, the handle area is 3.75″ and to the end of head is 5″. The dagger part is 8.25″ long and 2″ wide. The overall length of the handle and dagger is 13.25″. The diameter at thickest part of body is 2″. Both crutches together weigh 6.20 lbs. The handle area is attached to the body by mortise and tenon joint method then pinned. You will never find a pair of Kung Fu Crutches made of this quality if you find them at all. We only have one pair (long since sold out) and once sold will not be available again. The Ox Horn Double Crutches are not new but are Sifu Wing Lam’s personal weapon for sale…”

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