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In Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan the only two-person set that I know of involves long pole (or sometimes spear), and can be thought of as really exercises as opposed to a full set. In Yang style Tai Chi Chuan there is considerable debate about the authenticity of a two-person sparring set  太極拳刀劍桿散手合編〔卷十〕[Tai Chi Sanshou Duida] 陳炎林 by Chen Yanlin which published in June, 1943 and translated by the tireless Paul Brennan in July, 2011.


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the DVD is available at https://www.plumpub.com/sales/dvd/dvdcoll_TCyang.htm – search down for DVD#29960. The lead performer is Luo Jin Hua who learned from Sha Guo Zheng. An elderly video (1984) with Sha Guo Zheng is at