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In order to transport lots of long weapons it seemed reasonable to build a box on wheels. There were two pieces of 24″ x 84″ particle board serving no purpose, so I used some scrap 1″ x 12″ shelving and a few pieces of recycled 2″ x 3″. Tools needed were a power drill, a Phillips screwdriver, and American screwdriver (to open the paint can), a paint brush (I used 3″ wide), a hammer and nail (to start screws), four wheels (with small screws), a box of 2.5 inch screws, a square, a pencil, measuring tape, sandpaper, a saw (miter box if sawing by the 2 x 3s by hand) and a gallon of paint. I used four C-clamps and wood glue as well.

I built a “frame” of 2x3s offset 3/4 of an inch from the edges of the particle board. These were glued on and attached with screws every 12 inches. Then the long (84 inch) 1x12s were glued and clamped. I offset the second set of screws to avoid collisions. After adding the two short 1x12s I built three upside down Us (well, with square corners) of 2x3s to add on the ends and in the middle. After a lot of painting twelve 1″ holes were drilled six inches apart at strategic points (nine inches in from the edge on the short sides and 22 inches in from the edges on the long sides).  The rope handles (24″ long) and their clamps were added. The wheels with screwed into 5″ wide by 24″ long 1″ thick boards attached to the bottom. Note that you will likely want to attach these with screws that connect to the 2 x 3s.


Long weapons still needing a box (plus two staffs, 2 double-ended spears and three long swords)