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We are trying to determine the state of the art when it comes to Kwan Daos. If you teach the weapon, practice the weapon or own a weapon and are letting it stand around in a rack, we’d love an email to info@silverwolfwushu.com

A. do you teach the weapon? If so, what style?

Over the years we have taught General Chai’s (*) Long Handled Knife from Hung Gar (more properly a pu dao set, we think) and Spring Autumn Big Knife from Northern Shaolin. Currently, we teach the set from Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan. We have seen a set from Zhaobao style Tai Chi Chuan. We have yet to find any recording or even rumors of anyone teaching a kwan dao set from Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. As far as we know, the weapon is not part of any other Tai Chi Chuan styles.

There are five weapons in the Choy Li Fut arsenal:

Blocking Gate Long Handled Broadsword (Lan Moon Jaai Dai Do) 攔門寨大刀
General Kwan’s Long Handle Broadsword (Kwan Do) 関刀
General Choy’s Long Handle Broadsword (Choy Yeung Do) 蔡陽刀
Nine-Ring Long-Handled Broadsword (Gau Wan Dai Do) 九環大刀
Seven Star Long-Handled Knive (Chat Sing Tiu) 七星銚

I recall seeing a Praying Mantis sifu do a Pu Dao set at least 8 years ago – perhaps even more. But I never could learn his name, or the set’s name.

if anyone teaches something else, we’d love to hear about it

*= this pays homage to a different hero, General Chai Yang of the Han Dynasty

B. how long is the weapon? does it have a metal spike on one tip?

C. how much does the weapon weigh

D. stiff or flexible blade

E. do you do anything like sanding or refinishing the wood or the metal?

F. one piece or two (the metal handle unscrews into two pieces)

G. what sort of bag do you use to transport it?