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Intended to be stimulated during exercises with tai chi ruler and tai chi bang:


The heart and pericardium meridians cross the palm. The small intestine meridian follows the outside (distal) edge of the hand. The triple warmer, lung and large intestine meridians cross the back of the hand. To maximize the number of points in contact with the end of either wooden tool (1) angle the two outer fingers (pinkie and ring) slightly more toward one’s heart so the outside tips of the fingers come into contact with the rounded end of the tool and (2) angle the thumb and index fingers in the opposite direction (so different on the two hands) so the points on these fingers also come into contact with the end of the tool (3) You also need the two points on the palm – heart 8 and pericardium 8 – to be in contact as well as heart 9 (4) keeping Small intestine 1 and Heart 9 both in contact with the wood involves some compromise (5) and then you have to have a relaxed grip through all of this.