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I believe these photos are authentic images of the formidable Chen Fa Ke


All I have for him are dates of 1887 – 1957. If anyone knows days and months I would be obliged. Be aware that there are a number of faked photos.

According to legend he practiced groups of 10 repetitions at least three times per day. I have not heard anyone say whether this was all Lao Jia 1, all Xin Jia 1 or some combination. Likewise, I am am unclear if he included Cannon Fist (Lao Jia 2), Xin Jia 2 or weapons. Page 219 of Chen style Taijiquan (ISBN 962-238-016-6; compiled by Feng Zhiqiang and Feng Dabiao; published in 1984) mentions that in addition to sometimes doing “100 reps a day he practiced with a wooden staff about four meters long (slightly more than 13 feet) and fifteen centimeters (6 inches) thick”.

That is not a pole – that is a tree