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No one I know of in the martial arts woodworking community is set up to make
10′ staffs from other woods like oak or hickory. I gather that keeping the weapon
light enough to be be speedy means tapering it, and that not all woods can resist
breaking or splintering when the end is whipped around. Whether a stainless steel shaft would need to be tapered is an interesting question.

My cameraperson says using a small (6″) spear point with short (8″) red horsehair tassel on a long staff does not photograph very well. She feels I should try a spear point like the one shown below..



I found this on http://www.martial-way.com in Hong Kong. The overall length is 40 cm (15.75 inches) and the blade length is 28 cm (11 inches). The cost is $76 AND they will engrave your name and drill a hole if requested. Weight is 550 grams (19.4 ounces).

They have horsehair spear tassels in at least 4 colors (red, brown, black and white) and four sizes

  •      S : 9.8in * 4.3in, 0.88oz (25cm * 11cm, 25g) – $9
  •      M : 13.8in * 4.5in, 1oz (35cm * 11.5cm, 30g) – $10.30
  •      L :  15in * 4.5in, 1.6oz (38cm * 11.5cm, 45g ,denser than the size M) – $13.50
  •      XL : 17.7in * 4.5in, 1.9oz (45cm * 11.5cm, 55g) – $14.80

Stay tuned.