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From Plum Publications (www.plumpub.com). Note that there are three sections of the web site – one for DVDs, one for books and one for VCDs

  1. DVD #11126 Wu Dang Dragon Gate Spear (well, I could not resist including this – there is a little bit of long pole, but the spear is the star of the show)
  2. DVD#24222 with the late Master Ma Hong (1927 – 2013) has Chen Family Style and also includes the famous Tai Chi Wheel material
  3. DVD#24246 with Master Han YiLing has the Cloud Demon style of Liuhe pole
  4. DVD #24347 Hung Gar Long Pole – 9 Point 13 Spear with Lam Yan (sometimes known as Lin Xin). Make sure to read the comments about playability and subtitles.


In Master Jack Yan’s translations of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei’s books volume V has the Chen Family style 13 Movements Long Pole as well as two person drills for long pole versus long pole and long pole versus flail (two section staff)


  1. VCD#712 Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan with Chen Qing-Zhou. Two sets: saber  and  long pole
  2. VCD#1763 Chen Family style 13 Movements Long Pole with Chen Zi Qiang who is the son of Chen Xiaoxing and nephew of Chen Xiaowang, 


Kung Fu Direct has the following videos:

  1. DV1020 – Master Li Shu Dong himself teaching Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan Thirteen Movement Long Pole
  2.  No059 – Chen Style Tai Chi Pole 陈氏太极梢杆
  3.  No087 -13 Movements Chen Style Long Pole