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In terms of for sale commercially I  seen the following (wle.com = Wing Lam Enterprises at 2354 Calle Del Mundo in Santa Clara California – for the long poles I would suggest driving there and picking up the pole(s) yourself).



The text with some edits says “The Single Taper Wax Wood Long Pole is 108 inches (9′) long. A White Wax Wood Long Pole is perfect for use in Tai Chi, Hung Gar and other Kung Fu styles. This pole weighs about 4.5 pounds; has a diameter of  1.5″ at the bottom and tapers to 1.0” at the top. $110 – in stock and price verified as of June 2017. Note that the webpage says, “This is an oversize item in which additional shipping charges have been included at check out.”


The text with some edits says “The Red Oak Single Taper Long Pole can be used for Tai Chi, Hung Gar, Wing Chun and other styles of martial arts. This long pole is made of solid red oak and is 98 inches (8′ 2”) long. It is sanded smooth with a clear lacquer finish; weighs the same and has the same taper as the waxwood pole above. $70


This is a white oak version of the red oak pole described above but it is described as about one pound lighter. $76

I cannot confirm that weight difference between the oak staffs because I do NOT personally own one. Yet. However, I do own both a red oak and a white oak eyebrow height staff (60″) purchased several years ago and the red oak is definitely heavier. I would be reluctant to make any statistical comments based on a sample of one. My usual solution in such cases is, of course, to buy both. 


This is described as “the official Wing Chun traditional Rat-Tail long pole made of Teak Wood” . It is listed as 102 inches (8’ 6″) long and weighing 5 pounds pounds with the same taper as the other poles. $90 BUT OUT OF STOCK as of June 2017.


At one time they were selling 108 inches (9’) long teak poles weighing 5 pounds with the same taper as the other poles BUT CLEARLY STATED AS WARPED. $35 which was the deal of the century if your art called for a warped pole or you could safely straighten the pole out. BUT OUT OF STOCK as of June 2017.

more choices tomorrow