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One time-honored soution is to upgrade the processor. This can get rather complicated if motherboards, memory, fans and power supplies are in play. The Extreme Core I7 (rightmost) has 10 cores (20 threads with HyperThreading) and quad channel DDR4 memory with a huge 25 megabytes of cache. And, as advertised, the new Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 does provide more than 10% improvement in single-thread work.

But we really had a input-output problem: the disk was the limiting factor.


There was strident insistence that the Intel Optane (above right) would only work on Windows 10 64-bit systems AND only with with Intel’s seventh (7th) generation Kaby Lake processors. We were told only the H270, Q270, Z270, B250 and Q250 chipsets would work. So we were forced to use an excellent CPU.