Perfmon and ReadyBoost (continued)

The amount of data being read from the ReadyBoost cache is mostly equal to the amount of data being read from the hard disk cache. THIS WAS A SNAPSHOT. To see how much and when ReadyBoost is actually benefiting its is useful to configure Performance Monitor to create a log file over a period of time.

Creating a Data Collector Set

1. Expand Data Collector Sets branch in the Performance Monitor navigation pane.

2. Right-click User Defined

3. Select New

4. click Data Collector Set.

5. when the Create New Data Collector Set wizard appears, type a name for your Data Collector Set

6. select the Create Manually option button, as shown below.


7. Click Next

8. Select the Performance Counter check box.

9. On the next page use the Add button to access the Add Counters dialog box to select the four pertinent counters. You may wish to adjust the Sample Interval 

10. Click Finish