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When they begin the beguine …
It brings back a memory evergreen”

Begin the Beguine” – Cole Porter 1935

Written on the RMS Franconia during a voyage from Indonesia to Fiji as part of an around the world cruise, the song was performed in a musical titled Jubilee. It was re-recorded as an instrumental by Artie Shaw leading his big band in 1938, and soon anyone who was anyone musical had done a version of it. Then and now, the song challenges musicians and vocalists with its length, lyrics and structure, all quite different from most songs.


We foresee FOUR major uses of the Intel ® Optane technology for servers, laptops and desktops using a Microsoft Windows operating system (and likely most other OSes):

  1. A cache drive used by the built-in SuperFetch and ReadyBoost functions. We obtained six to eight times faster program load times for Windows itself and for some application programs. It is difficult to control what SuperFetch and ReadyBoost do.
  1. A system drive holding Windows itself and select application executables. Similar results to #1, although a user has more control due to being able to select what is on the drive. In both cases performance speed-ups are a function of how often various programs are loaded, whether the files had previously been on a hard disk or a solid state drive, and how much paging is done.
  1. Two drives or one partitioned drive with one acting as a system drive holding Windows itself and select application executables AND one drive holding, in our case, a large SQL database. Under intense loads, which included extreme multi-threading, we obtained results varying from four to almost twenty times faster. We discuss the details in depth but this should motivate intense and immediate consideration in finance, logistics (air traffic and flight control), medicine and military sectors, to name a few.
  1. We imagine hard disk makers will include Optane in hybrid drives