However, it is possible to use PERFMON to track ReadyBoost events. To launch the free built-in Performance Monitor, click on the Start button, type perfmon in the Start Search box, and press [Enter]. Once the tool launches, expand the Monitoring Tools branch (if it isn’t already expanded), and click on Performance Monitor (both at the upper left below). When the graph appears, as shown below, a user will likely see the default configuration. PerfMon is configured to monitor processor time, but those measures are not needed at this time. Click the red X or Delete Key icon (bracketed by orange arrows).


Click the Green + or Add icon (immediately left of the red X just clicked). When the user sees the Add Counters dialog box, locate and select the ReadyBoost Cache header and click the Add button (bottom center). When the ReadyBoost Cache header appears in the Added Counters section, as shown below, click OK (bottom right).