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Lu Dongbin

He was supposed to have a been a scholar during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). He has the positive reputation of usually seeking to help people gain wisdom and sometimes even enlightenment, generally by them studying Taoist writings and his own poetry. His negative reputation involves promiscuity, drunkenness and a terrible temper. According to legend, before Zhongli Quan accepted him as a disciple Lu Dongbin had to pass ten tests. They subsequently had a falling out over the curriculum. Lu Dongbin founded the School of the Golden Elixir of Life (Jin Dan Jiao) and provided most of the material for the book The Secret of the Golden Flower (Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi). He also defined the Eight Immortals sword style. He is most commonly seen with a horsetail fly-whisk, indicator of someone who can fly, and a long sword named Chan Yao Kuai, the Demon Slayer. Lu Dongbin is specially gifted to be able to use the two handed sword with one hand most of the time while he wields the whisk. His direction is west, the source of mysterious mountains and deep deserts.