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One of the core functional areas in the SAITO software involves plans – these are typically either Individual Education Plans (IEPs; age 4 to 21) or Individual Behavior Plans (IBPs; age 22+). Initially, we imagined specifying just a page or two within someone’s plan in order to include two hours per day of adapted physical education and exercise. We would just need to define transportation and a curriculum as well as specific class times and locations. Then there were aides and accommodations. Then a few months in it became apparent that genetic testing could be a powerful tool for parents and physicians: they might be able to discover how well genetically similar students were doing in terms of velocity of learning with emphasis on differences in diet, logistics, sleep and medications. We were (and remain) opposed to requiring that DNA testing be done ALTHOUGH we strongly favor it.  Then dramatic differences (where we did not expect them)  between a pair of students with Helmsmoortel-van der Aa syndrome (the ADNP gene) and, later, between two students with Fragile X syndrome made it clear that just knowing that a gene was different was not sufficient. We felt it was useful to know at the codon level what was wrong with the gene.  Our base curriculum would remain WuJi sitting and standing, tai chi tools, Qigong and Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan. But there was the challenge to provide individual daily homework for those who wanted it. Our assignments are quite different from the prevailing pattern in school where all students (well …) do the same work each night and the tasks change each night. In our arrangements the tasks can differ by student, but they rarely change night over night. So a student with cerebral palsy complicated by arthritis in the arms might do the same selected movements from Chen Family style warm-ups, Eight Brocades qigong, Tai Chi ruler and Chen Family style Silk Reeling for months or even years. But an autism spectrum student with an eating disorder could be doing different movements from Chen Family style warm-ups, Da Wu qigong, Tai Chi ball and other Chen Family style Silk Reeling exercises.