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Individual homework for someone with mixed type cerebral palsy, level 2, no seizures but a painful arthritis-like condition in the arms and hands. Possible cause : HSPA4 gene (chromosome 5; region q31.1) copy number variation. He has been doing extra tai chi ruler exercises in the evening, and almost always sleeps holding the ruler. Concern was expressed by martial artists and doctors in China that tai chi ruler exercises are too yang and need some yin energy to balance. A light and brief workout was devised for the individual student. For the moment, it is to be done mornings and evenings in addition to regular class. The order is some Chen Family style warmups, selected exercises from Eight Brocades (Ba Duan Jin Qigong), tai chi ruler and silk reeling. Note: the double swords were a special request by the student, and are to be done mornings only.

The videos on YouTube in order are

https://youtu.be/nSel_9Bh90A – Chen Family warmups
https://youtu.be/hzYNQf5GNfA – Eight Brocades
https://youtu.be/87JU4kQNDRA – Tai Chi ruler
https://youtu.be/-OHSJknPUY4 – Silk Reeling
https://youtu.be/9AC5pBQNeUI – Silk Reeling with double swords