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With apologies to Shakespeare, I had been gloomy because there were over 100 different genes (on all 23 chromosomes plus in mitochondrial DNA) involved in different kinds of autism. New genes were being discovered at the rate of 1 or 2 a month, but I had some vague hopes things would taper off. Usually (but not always) when any one of these genes has a problem you, the lucky gene owner, will be autistic.
That was really optimistic on my part because virtually no similar work was being done in western Asia (including India), Africa or South America.
The SAITO software detected big differences in a measure called velocity of learning. Two students both had defective ADNP genes BUT they had different mutations of the gene. So it matters not only which gene or genes is not right, but what exactly is wrong with it.

I have been forwarded some papers in pre-publication status. The autism gene count is now at 187. I expect it to climb again when the big papers from China show up later this year.

We are very frail creatures – I marvel that we work at all