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In reply to a question of mine about transporting martial arts weapons Sifu David Chang kindly pointed out that

  1. Anyone who lacks a squire still hauls weapons around – whether to class or to a tournament – in a bag hefted under the arm or sometimes slung on a shoulder.
  2. I had mentioned I was carrying several short (26″) sticks, double sabers with a scabbard, double swords with a scabbard and a two piece kwan dao. With one hand. They were in a weapons bag with a poor handle and balance problems.  The other hand was busy with a suit bag (24″ wide x 42″ high with a loooong zipper) containing silks and shoes and a few oddments. I would have gladly engaged anyone with a golf cart in mortal combat – especially after it turned out the BART escalators were out of service at Embarcadero. The idea of hauling weapons on a folding golf cart with wheels has a lot to be said for it. Especially if the weapons look like golf clubs.
  3. A student of his was flying to a tournament and decided to bring his weapons. The ticket agent asked what was in the bag. The student replied, “Weapons”. Confiscation and confusion ensued. A better reply is “Stage props“.
  4. I am still not sure how Mark Salzman in Iron and Silk got the long sword given to him by Pan Qingfu out of China