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the words that appeared on the wall during Belshazzar’s Feast (Daniel 5:25).
Interpreted by Daniel to mean that God had doomed the kingdom of Belshazzar. That’s a fairly imprudent thing to say in person to Belshazzar, especially as Daniel was unlikely to accorded any respect by virtue of Daniel’s religion. There have been quite a variety of Aramaic languages and dialects. Besides many verses in Daniel, the so-called Biblical Aramaic occurs briefly in Genesis and Jeremiah and in several verses in Ezra.
The way to make money when running a charter school is to take advantage of the absurd insistence on measuring schools that was embodied, against mathematical advice, in the No Child Left Behind Act. Neither bricks nor the principals who manage them teach students. The predictable consequences of scoring by school were: (1) students who were disciplinary problems, juvenile criminals or pregnant get sloughed off into the County Office of Education (2) students apt to get low scores would be set on field trips during the testing days (3) special education students were not tested at all (4) students were prepped for the tests using old tests (4) answers were given to students by opening the current tests early (5) wholesale alteration of student papers.
A charter solves this by skimming off the well-behaved A and B students, leaving C and D students in the public school. Not surprisingly, the public school’s scores tank. The charter’s scores sparkle. But we’re not done. Fire the older teachers – they cost too much. Since charters are usually for profit they must do with less funding. More bake sales. What should be worrisome is that ANY mistakes in education cannot be undone. Once the student is 10, for example, any blunders made by educators in 3rd grade two years earlier are permanent.
We have nothing against charter or private schools per se.  As long as everyone measures every student frequently and honestly reports we are fine.
At Silver Wolf Wushu our commitment is daily scores for every student. No exceptions.