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The hook hand configuration shows up in the frequently encountered movement of Single Whip in Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan. Single Whip itself is found seven (7) times each in Lao Jia and Xin Jia plus once each in 18 Movements, and in both cannon fists. In addition, Diagonal Posture (Lao Jia #8), Diagonal Step (Lao Jia #11, 22 and 57; Cannon Fist #7), and Twisted Diagonal Step (Xin Jia 1 #8, 11, 25, 65 and Xin Jia 2 #8) all contain the hook hand and much of Single Whip, but done from the opposite side.

Technical commentary on meridians and details about particular acupuncture points involved can be found at http://www.silverwolfwushu.com/PhotoAlbumsBayPoint77.html