Note to self: find some new technology, maybe like Ridley Scott’s costume magicians conjured up in The Martian to get Matt Damon (playing Mark Watney) out of his space suit in a timely manner. In my case, changing into gray cottons then lavender silks then into blue silks was tedious with the sun inexorably going down and changing the light. We wanted to film four very short sequences including a kwan dao cameo and a few brief sword moves to build something of a visual poll. Not too happy with the contrast between skin and black shorts/t-shirt, nor with the camera’s interpretation of the lavender silks. Note to self: try this when there isn’t a northerly breeze blowing. And during the move where the right foot stomps into the ground the vigorous foot movement presses mud into the grooves in the soles of the shoes. All four pairs. Oh well. We’d like readers to vote on a favorite outfit

(1) if you are trying to learn the martial arts movements as a student (don’t worry, tai chi would usually be done much more slowly but the sun was headed down …)


(2) if you knew the martial art set well enough to grade it and an autistic student and his or her parents depended on reasonably accurate daily

choices: black shorts and t-shirt; gray cottons; lavender silks; blue silks, white and red Pi Sha

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