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A photo of me in the rather odd combination of tennis shorts and a tai chi top. My trusty silver shoes are off exposing well-turned ankles alluringly hidden underneath very sheer and stylish anklets. I am holding a red graphite staff which is supposed to mark the mid- point of the Kidney 1 points line and provide reference so the knees are flexed slightly forward. Elegantly scotch-taped to my leg are a string of blue LEDs. They actually follow a meridian and the lights more or less show where the various acupuncture points are. Ironically, for a martial art focused on movement = dynamic and kinetic dancing, a key practice is standing meditation where one does not move at all.
One of the technical points is you want to connect a point called Pericardium 9,
which is at the tip of the middle finger, to another point named Gall Bladder 31,
which is about midway down the lateral (outside) surface of the thigh. So if you
knew little about all this stuff,would the lights help you understand the teacher
wants energy (chi) to flow down your leg.