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Working at the Contra Costa Solano Food Bank truck during a produce distribution on October 4 at Rio Vista School in Bay Point. The truck arrived later than usual (replacement driver) so I had had to set up three of the fives tables, put out the safety cones, get signed in, get gloved up and move carrots and oranges to the tables. The rest of crew took care of the apples, potatoes and broccoli on the other side. The cabbages were the problem – the truck had only 70 left. It would be reasonable to expect we’d have 90 people – maybe over 100. In the photo there are eight cabbages left and it’s 4:30 – only 30 minutes in and another 30 minutes to go.  All the cabbages were unloaded by hand in pairs from the big cardboard container behind me. Nothing like a good lungful of cabbage-laden air. I am not sure if I was already getting a headcold or the KrautLuft helped. I have a cold now. The cabbages were a hassle as they were crammed against the far (most inside) wall. I am also looking tired (well, I am not just looking tired – I am tired) because I was having to climb up to haul oranges from the top bin. Like being on Stairmaster, but with no hands (carrying three bags of oranges). We ran out of both oranges and carrots before closing (the cabbages were long gone) and had no apples for the last couple stragglers. Despite our best efforts we could not give away enough broccoli – had about 6 milk crates left. Sending potatoes back is okay – they can last. Everything else has been out on the truck all day.  For the curious, that is my SF Giants cap, my shades are off (temporarily, so I don’t resemble some insect), and my shirt actually has three horizontal bands of different blue colors.