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a riddle from my youth (back in the days when there were still newspapers) taking advantage of read and red being homonyms

(Pi(: put on), Sha(: thread, thin fabric or wear made of thin fabric). As far as we know, there is no specific name for the ties on the chest.

This is a white Pi Sha (also known as a manteau, which is French) with red trim from Chinese Clothing Online worn over black silks with silver trim and with silver Budo Saga shoes from Kung Fu Direct. The very picky cinematographer does NOT care for the white ties (mid-chest, just above the top edge of the blade) and thinks a heftier red tassel should have been used in place of the one hanging from handle held in my right hand – at the viewer’s left. Besides adding red satin as horizontal trim along the lower hem, the consensus is to add red satin trim on the inside of the cuffs as well. And blouse up (or shorten) the bottoms of the pants so they are not so baggy at the ankles. And get a cheerier model who works for free and who enjoys melt-the-pigeons heat and brightness.

We think navy silks with silver trim would work just as well. The white shoelaces look good to me, although I would have been willing to wear red shoes or even white shoes.

Dozens of photos using other Pi Shas and silks starting at