With apologies to the bluegrass supergroup from 1973 of Vassar Clements, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, John Kahn and Peter Rowan.


Lessons learned:

  1. The collar on these inner red silks is just a bit too tight.
  2. The Taoist shoes are more dramatic when turned in profile or in 3/4 view
  3. The manteau (Pi Sha) would look better with satin hems on the lower edges and on the insides of the cuffs.
  4. Order shorter pants or blouse them up
  5.  Reluctant to cut the chest-level manteau ties off, so maybe pin inside the garment. The knot breaks up the clean parallel vertical lines  – I have asked if it has a symbolic or stylistic function
  6. The manteau is black – over red silk there is an interesting metallic look