In order to attend the Sensors Tech 2016 event yesterday I decided NOT to drive to San Jose as I knew the weather would be hot, the traffic would be awful and parking would be a challenge. This is an odd week as there are three “dates” with Contra Costa-Solano Food Bank trucks Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We do not usually finish with the seniors grocery bag packing and distribution at the African Methodist Episcopalian church in Bay Point until 10:45, and the Sensor Expo would be closing at 3 PM on Thursday, so that meant going on Wednesday. An immediate problem would be zero parking at the BART station at the time I expected to leave. So after racing home and showering I managed to catch a TriDelta Transit bus at the corner. There followed a brisk walk to the station and, to my modest delight, my Clipper card actually worked. It is an 80 minute ride to Fremont (with one change at an Oakland station) and, since rush hour had passed, there were seats.

Most of my car was Athletics fans headed for the game, so I doubtless looked somewhat out of place as the only Giants hat in sight. I note that the Giants were playing (and, despite being down 6-1 after three innings, beat the Pirates 7-6), but Giants fans would have been taking trains to Pennsylvania. Only a cad remark that the Giants are 46-27 (.630) with only the remarkable Chicago Cubs at 47-23 (.671) having a better record in the National League. The Athletics are, by contrast, 29-42 (.408) with the second worst record in the American League. Except for one As fan who had gotten a very early start on celebrating (or who had stayed up all night) no one paid me any mind.

From Fremont BART I took a VTA 181 bus to downtown San Jose and had about a half-mile walk to the McEnery Convention Center at 150 West San Carlos. Time to change shirts and t-shirts. Normally, I would have worn a jacket and tie – no way today.

There were supposed to be 300 vendors. If so, that’s how many I visited.

To get home I reversed the transit process. My heels felt like they had been hit with hammers. What kind of a martial art does not have Iron heel training?