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I am very fond of my hickory staff.  As botanically inclined readers probably know, hickory is quite a widespread genus (Carya from Ancient Greek: κάρυον = nut) – 5 or 6 species in China, probably a dozen in the US, probably 4 in Canada (poor immigration control – I think there are 2 that are more or less unique to Canada) and several more in Mexico and India. The generic, so as to speak, characters are 山胡桃木  (= Shān hútáo mù) so I wound up calling my staff Lao Hutao = a bad translation of ‘Old Hickory’, the nickname of American President Andrew Jackson (seen on the $20 bill).

It is probably a warning sign when you start naming weapons.

A sure sign that you have too many weapons is when the weapons start talking to you whispering that you should practice with a particular weapon.

It is definitely a sign of second stage hyper-weapon-ophilia when you talk back. 

At the moment the http://www.bujinkanweapons.com web site is down while the owner /woodworker recovers from serious knee surgery. He used to make hanbo, jo and bo. They were available in lengths of 66 to 96 inches and woods of hickory, white oak, ironwood, purple heart and cocobolo. I am checking on his status, but things do not sound promising