We film a lot since we grade every day. Most times the students are in a variety
of outfits – they may have a school t-shirt on and may have traditional long black pants, sweat pants or shorts. From the camera’s point of view what films best
are shorts in a contrasting color (let’s say blue), white crew socks and black shoes
with let’s say a garish red top (shirt). We don’t wear sashes (yet) but the knot on the sash actually is a good marker for the camera.
One day a week we wear the traditional black cotton outfits with colored cuffs, frogs and so on.  This is for a film going out to external judges. The class gets a
choice about red, white or blue trim (see below). I suppose other colors could be used,
but I haven’t explored ordering, costs and all that.  I am not sure that yellow,
light green or cyan frogs and cuffs would be much of an advantage.
When we do formal stuff like exhibitions or greeting esteemed guests the
class wears silks of their choosing. Color and pattern choices by people
with autism are a bit unusual for lack of a better word.