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If you went to http://www.eastmeetswest.com, for example, you could order a bottle of four (4) ounces of dit da jow for $40 plus any shipping and taxes. You might wisely order four ounces of iron palm liniment for $45 at the same time. $10 or $11 dollars per ounce plus tax and shipping.

Or you could order enough herbs to make 144 ounces of each with FREE shipping for $80.

You have to supply

  1. two big glass jars – something like five quarts each (about $35 for the pair)
  2. four 1.75 liter bottles of 80 proof vodka (probably $75 to $100)
  3. probably two small glass jars
  4. two small porcelain ladles or even Chinese soup spoons
  5. A dark cool place to store the liniments

Shake a few times each day for about 4 weeks. With a well-sealed jar it helps to invert every few days. I recommend the Bormioli 5 liter jar – about $15. Two key things: no (zero) plastic and a secure lid.

So for about $210 dollars (so let’s say $120 more) and a little effort you get SIXTY-SIX times as much liniment.4 ounces of each for let’s say $96 (roughly $12 per ounce) OR 144 ounces of each for $210 = $1.30 per ounce. ONE TENTH of the price.