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A reader asked if “laser lion” costumes actually include the ability to shoot laser beams from the lion’s eyes (or anywhere else).

Sorry to disappoint, but the answer is no. First of all, it would not be very safe for members of the audience whose own eyes might be at the end of the laser beam. Second, the lion’s head is pretty heavy already and the laser and the batteries would scarcely make it lighter. Third, the lion’s head gets shaken around a lot – that’s not the best situation for precision electronics. Fourth, in the more complicated lions there is already a lot for the head-holder to control – eyes can blink; mouth can open and shut; ears can wiggle. Recall that the head-holder has to balance the head as well.

What a laser lion or a laser dragon really is mylar sequins sewn into the fabric usually of the lion’s body, but possibly also the pants and shoes.

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