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Russell Suthern, Chief Instructor at White Crane Martial Arts in Brighton England (about 50 miles due south of London and on the southern coast of England) sent some details. There are four linked clubs – see http://www.whitecranemartialarts.co.uk/wcrane/

They teach

White Crane Kung Fu – from the Fujian province of southern China.
White Crane style Tai Chi – Suang Yang Bei Her Rou Ruan Chuan.
Dog Style Kung Fu (Gou Quan) – groundwork and grappling
Staff, straight sword, broadsword, fan, water carrier pole and butterfly knives

He wrote: “I actually made my shields from plastic trays and car hubcaps. I backed
them with cardboard and made the handles out of webbing straps you get on
bags and rucksacks. I then painted them, and then gave them several coats of
varnish to lacquer them and make them a bit stronger. We use rubber swords and
never spar full contact, so the shields pretty much last indefinitely, bar the odd extra coat of paint or varnish. I suspect they would not last so long against wooden weapons, or during harder sparring.
For the forms (pattern is the British usage) , our style tends to use the wicker or rattan shield coupled with a single short sword (Southern Broadsword) similar to the
butterfly knife. Our pattern is very hard, with lots of crouching, rolling and slashing at the opponent’s legs.”