Before ordering a couple of dozen shields we wanted to take a lot of photos of different combinations of weapons and silks with the street sign emulating a shield. As will be seen when you skim through the photos in the link below

1. it is hard for me to look fierce or smile when it is blazing hot out. I did not just look hot and uncomfortable – I was.

2. I am certain the photographer was no less hot and uncomfortable

3. sometimes the shield/sign picked up reflections of the sky or silks – not sure what will happen when the shield is round and convex

4. there are some distortions by the camera – which is what we were concerned about. I was actually wearing black silks, but they appear to be navy blue. In some shots the [mostly dead] grass looks gray instead of pale yellow.

5. we did not measure if the sunlight was actually brighter than normal. It certainly felt like it. But it is not obvious what could be done in any case.

6. We are going to try to use a graphics program to recolor the black background and see what happens visually.