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Both available from http://www.wle.com

1. Dan-Dao-Dep or “Rattan Shield and Single Broadsword technique” was used by infantry soldiers against cavalry in battles on ancient China. As the Dan-Dao-Dep technique is very difficult to be countered with ordinary weapons, some kung fu experts found that only the Tai-Pa (trident) techniques could effectively deal with a Dan-Dao-Dep attack.


The Leung Ting Company of Hong Kong(Grandmaster Leung Ting is on the left) ) is still selling this recording – checking to see if it is still only on VHS or if there is a DVD version

2.  From Hung Gar – why bother with a shield and a bladed weapon when you can use TWO shields (see http://www.wle.com/products/VHG30.html)