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A police officer who helps care for special needs children asked if rulers and bangs could be  made of something softer than wood. I am sure an ordinary ballpoint pen can be a very deadly weapon, were that the wielder’s intent. To be honest, if a teacher will trust a student with double swords or a kwan dao, a turned piece of wood less than a foot long doesn’t seem to be in the same league. But I said I would ask. I am not seeing that a piece of PVC with end caps is much less lethal than the original wood. I am not impressed with the idea of sawing off a hunk of swimming noodle. So I contacted a few plastic fabricators. Everyone needs a 3-D scanned image file for a really accurate quote, but the ballpark estimates were $2,500 for a casting mold and $15 to $18 per piece OR $25,000 for an injection mold and $1 per piece. Pretty tough to beat $12 per piece from Wing Lam Enterprises. Maybe it is worthwhile to experiment with cutting a foam rubber escrima stick into 2 pieces.