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Today, there is a fair amount of confusion about how much influence Chen Tuan’s discoveries and teaching had on Tai Chi Chuan and on Liu He Ba Fa (Six Harmonies and Eight Methods), sometimes known as Water Boxing. As two practitioners of the latter have related it to me

Chen Tuan was a native of Po-chou in Anhui. After some 20 years training at Wudang Mountain he moved to Huashan, another of the five sacred mountains of China. As well as Liu He Ba Fa (sometimes Liu Ho Pa Fa), he taught Tai Chi ruler, a 24 section method (erh shi ssu shih tao yin fa) of seated and standing exercises designed to prevent diseases that occur during seasonal change and some advanced meditation practices.

It does NOT appear that http://www.liuhebafachuan.com has been updated in several years.

http://www.liuhopafa.com/ is Master Wai Lun Choi’s school in Chicago. Not a lot of website activity in several years

Master George Xu of San Francisco record some sessions of Liu He Ba Fa with Master Yun Yi Sen at La Honda many years ago – the sessions are available from Plum Publications, which also has a reformatting of Terry Dunn’s and York Why Loo’s material.

If you want to see how to really do a video presentation watch Liu Xiao Ling’s work (also at Plum at http://plumpub.com/sales/dvd/dvdcoll_lhbf.htm)