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We published some rough sketches of floor plans for a martial arts studio with an entry area, a kitchen, an office, separate locker rooms for men and women, and a training area. As drawn, it is 2000 square feet (40′ x 50′) with the possibility of adding a dining area about 10′ x 50′. Thanks to the Internet, over 20 people we had never met or even heard of wrote to ask if we would share blueprints BUT for a standalone structure as opposed to one built inside an existing shell. The second most popular request has been less square and more rectangular – like 36′ x 60′, for example. Downloadable, digital blueprints are a bit out of our channel, but we said we would blog about it. In the time it took to write the blog entry there were ten more requests. So we have started a crowd funding campaign on gofundme. See below