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Birds of the Sun – uses the ornithology of Arctic Terns to lead into statistical projections of how many people in the Americas (by country) have autism spectrum disorders.

Rats of the Night – should more properly be Rodents of the Night. There are five Filoviruses that cause Ebola, one virus that needs more work and two viruses that cause Marburg Hemorrhagic fever. No hosts known yet. Some of the forty-odd Arenaviruses are known to cause hemorrhagic fevers in humans. Most arenaviruses are hosted by rodents. It is difficult determining how quickly the viruses mutate. This is important both for trying to design a vaccine (more likely more than one) and for guessing when things might get much worse. We North Americans need not worry about trying to quarantine arenaviruses – they have been here for years. Included are some estimates how far and how fast an epidemic can spread before we have The Blacker Death (as Michael Brewster liked to call it). That would be an international pandemic that we as a species might not be able to stop.

Scaling Down Martial Arts – usually martial art sets are taught by isolating individual movements. This implies that it is very important to teach movements that are used more than once in a set or in different sets. When teaching people with autism spectrum disabilities it is more effective to break down the movements themselves into chinemes. This is a word made up from the Chinese term chi = energy slipped into the existing English word kinemes (from Greek) meaning small gestures intended to communicate. A smile or a shrug is a kineme.