As readers are probably aware, there is, alas, no sequence known as Repulse the Skunk in Yang or Chen Family style or in any other art. Maybe it is one of the victories in Thousand Victories style …

We were filming near Coyote Point in San Mateo south of San Francisco airport when I noticed a skunk out of the corner of my eye. Offense was out of the question. Maybe a Grandmaster could use Wave Hands Like Clouds and not get sprayed, but I felt we had no defense.

While it would have been good manners to offer some fine tea to the skunk, we had no hot water. Plus, I am not sure skunks like tea.

I was certain the skunk would feel threatened by the nine-ring saber I was holding. That would be bad. So my photographer and I made a hasty retreat (meaning we ran for our lives) while the skunk was trying to understand what all the noise was about. The attachment is the only clear shot we managed since both the camera and I were moving at a brisk pace. As luck would have it, the skunk was compassionate and did not spray at all – the smell is so bad even if it is hundreds of meters away you would want to leave. The photographer said never saw me move so quicklyDSC04931c