As many readers know, there are traditionally sets for 12 animals in several styles of kung fu. Among the more popular animals are dragon, tiger, snake, monkey, crane and mantis. Luckily for Chinese martial arts and Chinese martial artists, there is one animal that, to my knowledge, has never been featured in a set. Partly, this is because the animal is extinct in most of Asia, although its relatives can be found in the Philippines and Indonesia. I am speaking of our North American neighbor, the skunk. If you have never had the pleasure of meeting one, I have attached a photo below. Most of the time they are black and white, and the stripes are characteristic. They can spray a pretty vile
cloud of liquid droplets at least five meters. It is hard on the eyes and skin (feels like you are burning) and you smell terrible for days, so a very effective defense. I am pretty sure silks would be ruined.