‘Shan’ just means ‘mountain’. Purple stars designate sacred Taoist mountains while red stars are sacred Buddhist mountains. For the so-called internal arts like Baguazhang, Tai Chi chuan and Xing Yi chuan the general tendency is to build the student from the inside out so mastering the mechanics of chi takes precedence over punching a steel plate one thousand times per day. For the external arts like the various Shaolin styles and the long fists, the tendency is usually reversed: energetics typically comes after years strengthening punches and kicks. In many cases the choice of how or what to study is either determined by the student’s tastes (or needs) or by what is available. The martial arts mostly associated with Emei Mountain appear, to someone who is not an expert in them, to prefer a middle path. One thing is certain – in any of the three strategies ten years of ardent practice with a capable teacher will produce a much-improved human being and a formidable fighter.